Presto ProFry 4.7 Liter Deep Fryer

Presto ProFry 4.7 liter deep fryer

I purchased the Presto ProFry 4.7 Liter Deep Fryer because it’s been a long time since I’ve had a dedicated deep fryer. When I do deep fry foods, I normally use my enameled cast iron dutch oven, cast iron skillet or a deep stainless steel pan.

I also use my Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker & Steamer. I’ve had that thing for ages, and it’s a very reliable and quality product. It’s probably 8 years old and there was a time when it was used multiple times a week for boiling, deep frying and steaming, and it’s still going strong and looks just like it did the day I got it out of the box.

My reason for wanting a deep fryer is that foods really cook up nicely in them. The more room your food has to cook, the better it will cook and taste. When you deep fry, the food needs to move around and be able to float when it’s done.

You also want all sides of your food to be able to sear and crisp so that you won’t have a greasy and soggy mess. The number one reason for wanting a dedicated deep fryer is so that I can cook at a constant and steady temperature without having to use a candy thermometer.

The trade-off and a con for using a deep fryer is the cleanup.  But, if you want restaurant-quality fried foods, you need a big and quality deep fryer.

Where to store deep fryer oil?

I store my deep fryer oil in a cool dry place and in a well-sealed air-tight container.  It’s important to not leave the oil in direct sunlight.

This can cause your deep fryer oil to become rancid.  If you have a 4-liter deep fryer, buy the gallon jugs of oil and put the oil back in the gallon container and store in a cool dry place.

How long will deep fryer oil last?

How long deep fryer oil last depends on a few things.  The number one reason deep fryer oil goes bad is that the oil isn’t cleaned.  After each use, you should filter the oil once it’s cooled and before storing it.

The old bits of fried foods and the burned batter will destroy your oil.  The heat can also determine how long your deep fryer oil last.  I normally cook foods between 350 and 375 degrees.

If you cook and heat the oil too high, it won’t last as long.  I can use a gallon of fresh vegetable oil several times before it gets too dark and no longer suitable for the deep fryer.

How long will a deep fryer last?

A deep fryer will last for several years if taken care of and handled properly.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bad one.

We all know that you can buy something like a deep fryer and it might not last a few months, and someone else can have the same product and get years of service out of it.  I’ve never understood how that works, but it’s true.

presto dual basket deep fryer

When to change deep fryer oil?

You’ll definitely know when to change the deep fryer oil.  When your food starts browning quickly, and it no longer cooks up a golden brown it’s time to change it.

Deep frying foods in bad oil will also give your food a different burnt taste and the texture is very unappealing.  You can also tell when’ to change the deep fryer oil when the oil becomes foamy when you put food in it.  If you put food in a deep fryer and the oil starts to foam up, remove the basket.

Which deep fryer to buy?

Buy a good quality deep fryer that has lots of positive reviews.  I don’t like to buy products that haven’t been on the market long.  Sometimes the second build is better than the original.  But, that’s not always true.  That’s why it’s important to read many reviews from many sources.

When a kitchen appliance or new cooking gadget hits the market, I wait for the reviews.  You also want to buy a deep fryer that’s the right size.

If you have a family, you want a deep fryer that will hold enough food to do a couple of cooks.  If it’s only one or two people, a smaller 2-quart deep fryer is big enough.  You also don’t have to spend a ton of money on deep fryers, they’re relatively cheap.

What deep fryer oil is best?

Always use a deep fryer oil that has a high smoke point.  Any quality vegetable oil will work.  Never fill a deep fryer with olive oil.

Peanut oil imparts the best flavor into foods and has a high smoke point, but is expensive.  A good store brand vegetable oil works well when deep-frying between 350 and 375 degrees.



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