Lean Cuisine’s Frozen Fish Meal

lean cuisine parmesan crusted fish

Lean Cuisine had their parmesan crusted fish on sale and I just had to try it. I wasn’t too sure I’d like it and was very hesitant about buying it.

Not because I’m in the I won’t eat frozen fish or seafood crowd. Much of the fish we think is fresh has in fact been previously flash frozen. Fish and seafood that’s caught miles from the coast are usually frozen.

Unless you live on the coast and can source fresh locally caught fish, it’s most likely been frozen. Much of the fish that’s fresh in the case at your supermarket has been frozen. If you’re not close to the coast, you’d have to over-night freshly caught fish, and that would drastically increase the price.

I wasn’t too enthused to try this particular Lean Cuisine frozen meal because I wasn’t sure about microwaving breaded fish. I’ve had and ate my fair share of frozen breaded fish sticks and tenders, but never had I even remotely come close to heating fish sticks up in the microwave, let alone parmesan-crusted fish.

I thought what the heck and put it in the cart because I love eating crusted fish.  But was still unsure about microwaving frozen and breaded fish and pasta together in a sauce.

frozen meal - lean cuisine parmesan crusted fish

One of my favorite recipes is too fillet whiting or other mild white fish and dredge it in Kraft parmesan cheese blended with Italian herbs and spices.  Place the fillet on a baking pan and cook in the oven until it’s crispy and delicious.

I’ve eaten plenty of Lean Cuisine dinners that were very good, but this one wasn’t that great.  It wasn’t as bad as some cheap frozen dinners, but it definitely wasn’t on par like the other Lean Cuisine meals.

I might purchase again to try a different heating method.  A large part of the problem is due to the pasta and sauce being in the same compartment.  This allows for the fish breading to become mushy.  I’d probably heat the fish by itself.



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