Lean Cuisine Steak Portabella

lean cuisine steak portabella with broccoli

I must say that the Lean Cuisine steak portabella frozen meal was actually not that bad. I wasn’t looking forward to eating subpar beef and soggy broccoli. But, it was just the opposite. The broccoli was cooked perfectly. It wasn’t soggy or crunchy and the steak was very tender.

frozen lean cuisine steak portabella meal


I’ve eaten many of the Lean Cuisine frozen meals and this is probably one of my new favorites. It’s a win-win when you don’t want a full-blown meal, but there are enough calories to hold you over. I like eating these meals during the day when I’m working.

cooked lean cuisine steak portabella meal


They give you enough nutrition and energy without putting you in a food coma. The biggest plus for me is the fact that it’s low carb and the sauce is very light. I’ll be putting more of these in my freezer along with the Lean Cuisine Ricotta Cheese and Spinach Ravioli.  Lean Cuisine definitely did a good job on the steak portabella meal.


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