Healthy Choice Portabella Spinach Parmesan

healthy choice portabella spinach Parmesan review

This was just okay for me, and maybe cause I was really hungry. I have to admit, this definitely isn’t my favorite Healthy Choice frozen meal.

The pasta was cooked okay but was very bland. The mushrooms could have been bigger, but they tasted good and the spinach was cooked well.

healthy choice portabella cooked spinach parmesan nutrition


The sauce is what needs to be changed. It’s a tad bit sour. After tasting the sauce, I chose not to mix the ingredients in it. The meal also includes red peppers which went well with the spinach and mushrooms.

I doubt if I’d buy again. While it wasn’t the worst thing I ever ate, the wine sauce leaves a bad impression.

nutrition info healthy choice portabella spinach parmesan nutrition



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