Habit Burger Grill Adds New Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Bites

New Habit Burger chicken sandwich and bites

The chicken war continues and The Habit Burger Grill is the next restaurant to bring their chicken sandwich to the market. But, they went a step further and also introduced crispy chicken bites to their menu.

According to Adam Baird, Executive Chef for Habit Burger, “Our new Chicken Sandwich and Crispy Chicken Bites are a must-try.” Chef Adam went on to say that “during their limited time offer, they sold out in two weeks.”

That sounds like something I’d like to try. A lot of time went into bringing their new crispy chicken line to their menu. The chicken is double breaded and seasoned with their signature seasonings.

The crispy chicken sandwich and bites are then fried to a golden crispy brown crunch that creates the “Cridges”. What are cridges? It’s the crunchy goodness you get from perfectly breaded foods like KFC extra crispy chicken or Captain D’s cracklins.

The chicken sandwich is served on a toasted bun with whole-leaf lettuce, crisp and fresh tomatoes, pickles, and mayo. I can’t wait to try their chicken bites.

They come in six or ten-piece and served with your choice of BBQ sauce or their house-made ranch dressing. If their new double breaded crispy chicken sandwich is half as good as their double char burger, they have a winner. Can’t wait to try it!

image courtesy – Habit Burger

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