Church’s Chicken New Texas Tenders ‘N Shrimp Meal

Texas Tenders 'N Shrimp meal

Church’s Chicken has added a new Texas Tenders ‘N Shrimp meal to their menu.  I’ve been eating Church’s Chicken for years.  They are one of my go-to places for good fried chicken.  Give me an 8 piece mixed, a pepper pack, and some honey butter biscuits and I’m set.

Their fried okra is also fantastic.  The new Texas Tenders are prepared by marinating the chicken in buttermilk and then hand-breaded in Church’s signature seasoned flour.

The Texas chicken tenders will be around for a while but the combo meal is available for a limited time.

The Church’s Tenders ‘N Shrimp meal comes with two Texas Tenders, four crispy butterflied shrimp, fries, a honey butter biscuit, and cocktail sauce.

You also get their new Smoky Honey-Q dipping sauce for the Texas Tenders.  It’s a sweet and smoky dipping sauce that combines honey mustard and BBQ.

The Texas Tenders ‘N Shrimp meal is available for only $5 for a limited time.

image via – Church’s Chicken

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