BurgerFi Launches New White Cheddar Mac & Cheeseburger

White Cheddar Mac & Cheeseburger

BurgerFi is adding their all-new White Cheddar Mac & Cheeseburger to their menu. It looks so delicious and I’m sure it tastes awesome just like the rest of their burgers. My favorite is the Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger and their Vegan burger.

I was amazingly surprised at how good their Beyond Meat burger is. It tastes just like meat. I really can’t wait to try this one that’s made with 100% All-natural Angus beef and American cheese. That sounds like a good burger in itself, but they’ve gone so far as to add a crispy white cheddar bacon jalapeno mac & cheese.

Wow, I love burgers, bacon, jalapenos, and mac n cheese. To have them all on one sandwich is a pure indulgence that I will surely indulge in. It’s available for a limited time (1/10/2021) only at all locations.

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