Boston Market’s New Nashville Hot Rotisserie Chicken

Boston Market Introduces New Nashville Hot Rotisserie Chicken

Boston Market joined the chicken sandwich war earlier this year, but they doubled down with their new Nashville hot rotisserie chicken. If you’ve never tried Nashville hot chicken, you’re so missing out on some of the best chicken ever.

I first tried Nashville hot chicken at KFC.  They use their extra crispy chicken and cover it in the Nashville hot chicken sauce and seasoning.

It’s hot and so good.  Boston Market’s new Nashville hot rotisserie chicken is topped with their signature smoky-hot Nashville sauce and served with crisp dill pickles.

It’s available in a meal with two sides and of course, their world-famous cornbread.  I suggest you get the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach or their steamed vegetable medley for the sides.  Get it while you can because it won’t be around forever.

image via – Boston Market

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