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Smoked BBQ Fatty on a Weber Grill

smoked fatty on a weber kettle grill with hickory wood

This smoked fatty recipe is a basic traditional fatty cooked on a Weber kettle grill with bbq rub. My wife and I love eating fatties. My wife doesn’t each much bbq. She likes the taste and flavor, but she isn’t a big fan of eating chunks of meat. I on the other hand can be very carnivorous.

Although, I do take breaks from eating meat sometimes. But when I am eating meat, I’ll devour bbq. Fatties, for those who don’t know, is a roll of breakfast sausage cooked on a smoker low and slow. But, just like anything else, you can improvise on a Weber kettle.

If you have the right setup, anything can be cooked on a Weber kettle grill including a pork butt or brisket. Brisket is a little more complicated, but it can be done. When I make fatties on my stick burner, they cook at about 250-275 for around 2-3 hours. It doesn’t take as long to cook on a Weber because the fatty is closer to the fire source.

What is smoked fatty?

A smoked fatty is a roll of breakfast sausage that’s usually smoked low and slow for a few hours on a smoker over wood. They can be wrapped, stuffed, or seasoned with a variety of spices.

cooking a fatty


Best BBQ fatty recipes

There are tons of recipes for fatties. Some of the most popular recipes are bacon-wrapped and stuffed. I’ve seen them stuffed with anything from cream cheese to peppers and veggies. It essentially comes down to what you like to eat. You can go as simple as you’d like with a few spices or a nice bbq rub. My favorite is the low and slow-smoked bbq method.

I like to use spicy breakfast sausage and I’ve also used bacon breakfast sausage with jalapenos and onions stuffed in the middle of the fatty. The best way to enjoy the fatty is to keep it simple with basic seasoning and just saute some vegetables on the side or melt some cheese on it.

How to stuff a fatty

The technique used to stuff a fatty is fairly simple. You place the sausage between wax paper and smash or roll the sausage until it’s flat. You then top the sausage with the stuffing ingredients. The last step is to use the wax paper to help you roll it up and place it on the smoker or grill using the indirect method.

How to eat a smoked fatty

Eating it is the fun part because there are so many ways to eat a fatty. The absolute best thing to eat with a fatty is barbecue baked beans. Oh boy, the sweet and savory bliss when you combine the two is outrageous. I love to take a leftover fatty and put it in a bowl of leftover bbq baked beans. This is usually breakfast or lunch the next day after barbecuing.

sliced smoked fatty

They’re also awesome for breakfast with eggs and potatoes and I’ve even gone as far as making it like you do biscuits and gravy and it was very good. I imagine it’d also be good in gumbo, chili, and soup. You can also keep it G-rated and just place it between two pieces of bread and eat it like you would a grilled burger.

How to make a smoked fatty

Smoking a fatty isn’t rocket science. You cook it until it’s done which is an internal temp of 165. Fatties can be smoked with hardwoods like oak, hickory, cherry, and pecan. I like to use a blend of hickory and apple or hickory or cherry.

how to smoke a fatty using indirect method

They can be cooked on a stick burner or a grill using the indirect grilling method. If you’re cooking them on a gas grill, use foil packets. I cook them on my Weber kettle and use Kingsford pecan charcoal and hickory wood chunks. Cook them low and slow on 225 or hot and fast at 300.

smoked fatty on a weber kettle grill with hickory wood

Smoked Fatty on a Weber Kettle Grill

Fatty smoked on a weber taste like it was cooked low and slow
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 33 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 4


  • Charcoal grill


  • 1 roll mild breakfast sausage
  • bbq rub or bbq seasoning
  • bbq sauce


  • Start by setting up your grill to cook indirectly. Fill a chimney starter with coals and light. Once they begin to ash over pour them into charcoal baskets or onto your charcoal grate.
  • Cover the grill and let the temp come to 275 degrees.
  • Season the sausage with the bbq rub and place on the grill away from the coals and cook until the internal temp is 165. Sauce the fatty and remove it from the grill. Slice the smoked fatty into medallions or crumble to use in recipes.


There are a million ways to eat smoked fatties. Start by eating it with slaw and beans for a nice sweet and savory contrast. 
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