Au Bon Pain introduces 3 new sandwiches

au bon pain extra blt and roast beef sandwich

Au Bon Pain is rolling out 3 new sandwiches just in time for the new year. Who knows, one of them might be your go to sandwich of 2019.

The Extra Bacon BlT sandwich gets my vote for the best of the three. I’m a sucker for bacon and BLT sandwiches in general. This just isn’t any BLT on toast.

The Extra Bacon BLT comes with a rustic baguette and 6 slices of hardwood smoked bacon. Au Bon Pain finishes it with field greens and a creamy mayo.

The BLT can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They also added a Prime Roast Beef sandwich to the menu. How can you go wrong with prime roast beef and cheddar on a baguette?

Throw on some pickled red onion and a smoky bbq sauce and garlic spread and you have a great roast beef sandwich. Try the Sweet Turkey Wrap if you’re looking for something a little lighter.

A whole wheat wrap filled with sweet turkey, NY cheddar, apple cabbage slaw, field greens and a smoky bbq sauce.

Although I’m sold on the Extra Bacon BLT, you can’t go wrong with either choice.

image: Au Bon Pain

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