Aldi’s Fit and Active Flatbread

aldi fit and active flatbread original

The Fit and Active flatbread from Aldi’s is one of my favorite products.  It’s so versatile and makes a really good and healthy pizza.  Flatbread isn’t hard to make, but sometimes I just want a quick snack without prepping and cooking.

I’ve found that flatbread comes in handy when you want a quick but tasty snack that’s more than just chips and popcorn.  My go-to snack with Aldi Fit and Active flatbread is hummus and various soft cheeses.

A very simple and delicious snack is a flatbread with roasted red pepper hummus.  I also love Mediterranean-inspired flatbread snacks.

Brush the flatbread with olive or truffle oil, freshly minced garlic, black olives, and mozzarella or goat cheese is yummy.  You can also grill the flatbread with caramelized onions and spinach.

I’ve found many uses for Aldi’s Fit and Active flatbread.  It’s a staple for me when I’m dieting or cutting and don’t want unnecessary carbs and calories.  I’m totally impressed with all of the Aldi bread I’ve eaten.


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