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Trader Joe’s Smoked Ghost Pepper Grinder

Trader Joe's smoked hot ghost pepper flakes grinder

So I got the Trader Joe’s Smoked Ghost Pepper Chili Flakes Grinder from Amazon to sprinkle on pizza, chicken and where else I wanted some spice and heat. I’m a die-hard pepperhead and have been eating hot stuff since I was a kid. When I was 10 years old, my cousin (R.I.P.) turned me on to jalapenos and I got hooked.

We were at Holly Farms Chicken and he asked me if I ever tried jalapeno peppers. Now up to that point, the hottest I had was Louisiana hot sauce. In the South, we put hot sauce on everything. He bought 2 and gave me one. Wow, the flavor was so intense and I loved the burn. I actually started buying them over candy when I had some spare change.

I’ve eaten other ghost pepper seasoning products, but this one is way better than the others.  This product also makes a great gift for those who can’t get enough heat.

I’ve graduated from jalapenos to ghost pepper products.  My favorite being Dave’s Ghost Pepper Sauce.

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